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      Sweet's Fishing Video Log 2016

PUAKO - 13 Jan 2016
My favorite spot on the Big island
is Puako where fish are abundant.
OK missed a couple of my target species
but all in all a productive fish.




HILO - January 2016
Took a trip to the other side of the
Big Island, met a guide, who introduced
me to Queen Kapiolani Gardens. The
pond is full of fish inlcduing bonefish,
baracuda, and trevally.





PUAKO - February 2016
My go to place to catch fish is Puako.
It can be pretty good at all level of




MOLOKAI - 1 April 2016
Spending a few days on the Molokai
flats in search of my first bonefish.
On this occasion had success with
many papio which are always fun.
Will certainly go back to catch that
elusive bonefish....




WILLOUGHBY - 21 April 2016

The Willoughy River, Orleans, VT has
a great steelhead run each spring. Sadly
we were a day late but there were still
a few holding before going up the Falls
for spawning.




RIVER CLYDE - 12 May 2016
My first trip to the Clyde this season.
Sadly no lake salmon seen or caught
but good news that the lower river is
packed with juvinile salmon parr. Also
plenty of bass and suckers providing
some fun.




LEWIS CREEK - 19 May 2016
Late trip to lewis Creek to see if any
Steelhead were around. Sadly no! In fact
didn't see or catch any species of trout.
Water low but the bass are now in the
stream and had some fun catching a few
nice bass and the usual suckers who for
once put up a fight instead of just sucking
the botto!