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                 Sweet's Fishing Video Log 2014

My Pond Brook Trout
These guys are fed, so easy to catch and take just about
any fly!

First Fish 21 Apr 2014
Egg patterns and small nymphs worked best...




Searching for Bass
29 Apr 2014
Woolly buggers with lots of sparkle in black and
green were the order of the day...









No Bass but Bluegills arrive
15 May 2014
Again bright Wooly Buggers produced the best results...

Trophy Trout Hunting
21May 2014
I'd read that the trophy section on the Lamoille River
at Fairfax had recently been stocked with two year
browns and rainbows...
Heavily flashed black
wooly buggers worked best but strangely the bass,
yes, bass again but but this time smallmouth,

also took some purple small nymphs...

Waterbury Reservoir
3 June 2014
My first ever trip to Waterbury Reservoir with
fishing buddy Bernie and his 19' Lund boat. A
great platform for fishing. After bass and ended
up with five different species and about thirty
fish overall: bass, catfish, perch, fall fish and
blue-gill. The larger bass were caught later after
the camera battery went flat and the backup
didn't work!

Mad River
4 June 2014
Trout fishing for me this season has been tough
with few fish seen and fewer taking my flies.
Things changed somewhat today as hooked in to
a few stocked rainbows on my local Mad River.
Great to feel the tug! Flies used were sparkle
bead heads and hares ears.


Lamoille River
6 June 2014
Trout Unlimiteds New England members held
a conference at the Stoweflake in Stove, VT and
members of our local Mad Dog TU Chapter were
asked to take some of the folks fishing. I did this
with two of them and took them to the Lamoille
River in Fairfax... this is the outcome!

Winooski River
11 June 2014

Fished a couple of places on the Winooski and
early succes for rainbows using a peacok flash black
woolly bugger. Fishing buddy bernie had some
success high sticking a pair of nymphs.

Kayak Fishing on Blueberry
Lake.... 18 June 2014

My first kayak fish of the season and what an
evening. This video doesn't do justice to the fish
jumping all over the place....

Rainbows on the Mad River
30 June 2014

A great couple of hours fishing for rainbows
on my local Mad River. Everything was working
from dry flies - the Usual and the Chernobyl Ant,
and nypmhs...







Targeting Salmon on the
River Doon
- 3/4 August 2014

The River Doon is in Ayr Scotland... memeories of the
Big O'Doon on Robert Burns famous poem Tam o'Shanter.
The Doon is a spate river whihc means the atlantic salmon
come in on the high tode and when the river is high due to
rain or flooding. No salmon but great brown trout fishing.

Brook Trout in Claybrook
30 August 2014
Claybrook is one of y favorite brook trout streams here
in the Mad River Valley. It is maye the most prolific
brook trout streams in Vermont. When the main river
temperatures are up then this is a great way to spend
a few hours.







An Evening Fish
Bluberry Lake

5 September 2014
Blueberry is near my house so ideal for an
evening's fish. Always fun as a great fishery.






Blueberry Lake
Another Evening

11 September 2014|

When I get skunked on my local rivers I always
return to Blueberry Lake. Always lots of action
especially early season and now in the fall.




2014 Vermont Kids
Trout Camp

Every year this is my week of pro bono filming
and editing. It's always fun to undertake a
project that is very close to your heart. Great
bunch of kids and staff.



Shepherds Brook
18 September 2014

An evening looking for Brook Trout on
Shepherds Brook. Although didn't find
many I was surprised at the end to catch a well
camouflaged one which looked like a brown
trout. You can be the judge?





American River, CA
29 November 2014

The American River in California flows through
Sacramento and with my son in law Dustin, we
floated the upper section looking for Steelhead
and to watch the salmon spawn. A great trip
and will certainly fish this section again. Thanks